Year Title Label/Cat No

UK Chart Position

1974 Angel Face/You Wouldn't Leave Me Would You?
Bell (Bell 1348)
4 Read More
1974 Just For You/I'm Celebrating
Bell (Bell1368)
10 Read More
1974 Let's Get Together Again/Jukebox Queen
Bell (Bell 1383)
8 Read More
1975 Goodbye My Love/Got To Get Ready For Love
Bell (Bell 1395)
2 Read More
1975 The Tears I Cried/Until Tomorrow
Bell (Bell 1416)
8 Read More
1975 Love In The Sun/I Can Hear Music
Bell (Bell 1437)
15 Read More
1975 Alone Again/Watch The Show
Bell (Bell 1463)
  Read More
1976 People Like You And People Like Me/Makes You Blind
Bell (Bell 1471)
5 Read More
1976 Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)/Tuna Biscuit
Bell (Bell 1481)
  Read More
1976 Lay Your Love On Me/Hard To Settle Down
CBS (S CBS4710)
  Read More
1976 Look What You've Been Missing/It's Alright
CBS (S CBS 4974)
  Read More
1977 She Was Alright/I Really Didn't Love Her At All/Almost American/Love Street
CBS (S CBS 5223)
Read More
1977 Got To Get A Message Back To You/Move On Up
EPIC (EPC5665)
  Read More
1981 Until The Next Time/Spaces Polo (Polo13)
  Read More
1982 Heartbeat To Heartache/I Don't Want To see You Tonight
Cheapskate (CHEAP101)
  Read More
1985 Until The Next Time/Spaces
Polo  (Polo36)
  Read More
1986 Nothing At All/Backs Against The Wall
Tempo (TEMP001)   Read More
1989 Angel Face (re-recording)/Angel Face A Choir Of Angels version)
Switchback (SW002)
  Read More


Year Title Label/Cat No UK Chart Position  
1974 Hey Bell (Bells 241)
13 Read More
1975 Rock 'n' Roll Dudes Bell (Bells 253)
17 Read More
1975 Listen To The Band Bell (Bells 259)
  Read More
1975 Greatest Hits Bell (Bells 264)
1976 Paris Match CBS (S CBS 81717)
  Read More
1984 Greatest Hits (Re-recordings & new songs)

Autograph (ASK 713)

  Read More
1985 Live At The Marquee  Conquest   (Quest 7)   Read More
 2010  Hey Making At The Farm
  Read More

There are a number of other compilation releases and other releases, including previously unreleased material, which will be added in due course. Further information on the above releases will be added also.