1. Tell Him

Written by Bertrand Russell Berns

Lead Vocal by John Springate

John Springate’s idea and John Rossall’s arrangement both conspire to bring this old Billie Davies  hit up to scratch with a faster arrangement and some of Gerry’s ‘Star Guitar’ magic.  John Springate had played the song many times in his previous band and loved it.  They did such a good job of it that Bell Records started to press up copies of the song for the band’s second single until, that is, the band found out!  John Rossall and Gerry Shephard remonstrated hard with Mike Leander to stop it being released as they wanted an original song out as their second single and didn’t want to be known as a covers band. The pressings were stopped and destroyed, but Bell weren’t happy and they ‘pinched’ the complete arrangement of the song for the band Hello, who released an almost identical version and it gave them their first hit single.  Tell Him has stayed in the Glitter Band’s set list for concerts all over the world to this very day.

2. Angel Face

Written by Gerry Shephard & John Rossall

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

The band's first single, though very different to the original demo.  Gerry Shephard remembers that "John Rossall had written the basic music line to the song and asked me to write some lyrics. I sat on the studio floor scribbling them down and then just stood up and sang them into the mircrophone.  When Mike played them back to me I was amazed at the result."

John Springate remembers that "Mike Leander had changed the demo around and Gerry and John had altered the tune and the lyrics. Pete had changed the drumbeat and Mike asked me to uplift the bass line. For a joke I thought I would choose a song which was a hit a few months earlier.  I did and it worked, although I'm not telling you which song I chose!"

3. Shout It Out

Written by John Springate

Lead Vocal by John Springate

A John Springate song.  “I’d written this song whilst signed to Peer Music” says John, “and we recorded it as a demo.  In the original live shows we had performed it with huge bouts of ‘Star Guitar’ sound and it sounded great. On the morning of the recording I decided to replace the guitar parts with a brass section –Mike was totally shocked but after we had put it down he was more than happy and it worked very well.”

“This song was held over as a possible single release, later in 1974 when it didn’t happen, a group called Ice Cream released it and subsequently Hello also covered it”.

4. Sea Cruise

Written by Huey Smith & John Vincent

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

The choice of Gery Shephard.  Gerry remembers that he used to go to a pub up in Sheffield called the Buccaneers. Once there, he or one of the other lads would make their way to the bar for the drinks and for some reason this song would always be playing on the juke box –“When we were asked for suggestions, this song was top of the list!”

5. All I Have To Do Is Dream

Written by Felice Bryant & Boudleaux Bryant

Lead Vocal by John Springate & Gerry Shephard

“Not one of my favourites” says Gerry, “One of John Springate’s ideas!”  “Yeah, that’s right” says John.  “John Rossall suggested we do a slow number and I thought great, we will do this one.  I thought it worked really well.”  Pete Phipps remembers recording the song in Paris and says that he or Mike Leander had to play the keyboards. Pete decided to leave the drumming to Mike and Tony and make his mark as a keyboard player!

6. Rock On

Written by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander

Lead Vocal by John Springate

“I think Mike wanted this on the album to earn royalties for Gary”, jokes Tony. “Seriously though, it’s a great song” says Gerry “and we wanted to do our own version”.  John Springate agrees and the song was re-arranged and played just that bit faster which made all the difference. “You would be surprised at how many fans in the 70’s used to tell me that our version was better than Gary’s!” says Harvey. “Well it is, isn’t it” says Pete!

7. Just For You

Written by Gerry Shephard & John Rossall

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

 "Oh yeah, our second single" says Gerry.  "I remember recording the guitar track in Paris an looking down on the Champs Elysees.  A difficult song to perform as it has to be played with great enthusiasm and power!"  John Rossall is amazed at how many people like this song.  "It's not one of our best, how can you follow Angel Face?  It was a huge challenge to write it and I was glad when it was done and in the shops".  "Oh God, I hate this song" says John Springate and I'm making no further comment!"

Harvey Ellison remembers flying out with Gerry to Paris. "There was always a guy to meet us and drive us to the studio.  On this occasion we met the guy and jumped into his car, the journey wasn't familiar and seemed to take double the time. We couldn't speak French and so we just sat there until we arrived at this flash new studio in some part of the countryside. We walked in expecting to see Mike and were met by Mickie Most who was working with Hot Chocolate. We said our hellos and jumped back in the car very red faced and we spent about ten minutes trying to explain to this French driver that he had taken us to the wrong studio.  Eventually he understood and drove us back to our studio where we were greeted by a very irate Mike Leander.  Mike wasn't a volatile guy, but that afternoon we saw a very different side of him as we ducked behind the door as cans of tape came our way!".

8. Twisting The Night Away

Written by Sam Cooke

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

One of Gerry and John Rossall’s ideas to play this song and to stomp it up a bit.  Gerry says “it was in the charts a few months earlier and I thought we could do a better version than that!” Pete Phipps worked out a stunning ending with a drum solo which we used some strobe lighting on when playing it live, a great song”.

9. Baby I Don't Care

Written by Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller

Lead Vocal by John Springate

“One of my favourites at the time” says John Springate, “I just had to have this in the set. I thought it worked very well indeed with a heavy bass line, and it was well received”.

10. Sealed With A Kiss

Written by Gary Geld & Peter Udell

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

“This was my choice and my choice alone” states Gerry. “I loved this one as a kid. It was one of those sad soppy songs that you just loved.  I’m sure the bare bones of ‘Goodbye My Love’ are in there somewhere!  I used to love performing it, but after a while I got really cheesed off with all these girls throwing their undergarments at me whilst on stage so we dropped it”.  John Springate remembers this song well, “Oh, this was Gerry’s ‘Donny Osmond’ moment, he loved all those girls screaming at him. Yuk!”

11. I'm Celebrating

Written by Pete Phipps

Lead Vocal by Gerry Shephard

 "This one is mine! And it's great! says Pete Phipps.  "In 1972 we had played at Wembley at a pop festival with Gary.  I remember the day as it was my birthday. I was looking forward to going home that night and meeting up with this rather gorgeous girlfriend.  I had to travel home on the tube that night and when I got home I found out that I had been stood up!  I felt rather bad at the time. When I wrote this song the memory came back to me and that's what it's about. 

I think Tony and Mike played drums on this one and I played keyboards.  Great guitar by Gerry -funny thing was that on the morning of recording the song I had an idea for a verse that wouldn't go away so I insisted on writing out the lyrics again and changing the middle of the song.  Mike wasn't impressed as the studio clock was ticking but it was worth it, wasn't it?"

12. Gimme Some Loving/Angel Face Reprise

Written by Steve Winwood/Muff Winwood/Spencer Davis 

Lead Vocal on Gimme some Loving by John Springate

Lead Vocal on Angel Face Reprise by Gerry Shephard

A John Springate choice. “This was another song I knew well from my previous band.  I suggested it to Mike who thought about it and came up with this great ‘Glitter’ arrangement. When we recorded the track, Mike had Gerry do some extra guitar parts  and he reprised it into Angel Face, a fitting end to any Glam Rock show!”

All tracks produced by Mike Leander