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The band had been promising their audiences for over a year, that one of the new songs that they had been playing live, 'The First Time' would be released as a new single.  It had been recorded, but in the later part of 1985 the band wrote a song together, titled 'Nothing At All' with a singer, Richard Barnes, who was one of the singers on the Mike Leander/Eddie Seago 'Matador' album that John had also appeared on.  ‘Nothing At All’ was recorded, and was then released in February 1986 on another independent record label, Tempo, though despite being as catchy and comparable as songs by contemporary bands like Level 42 who were doing well at the time, it didn't reach anybody's ears.

garyglitter373189.jpgThe ‘Live At The Marquee’ album was eventually released in January 1986 and although it sold out in the shops very quickly, it only reached the die-hard fans and didn’t make an impact, despite receiving some rave reviews in the music papers.

In the middle of 1987 the Glitter Band were told by Gary's management that they wanted to make Gary's shows even bigger and more successful than he was already enjoying.  They wanted a bigger and more 'theatrical' backing band, and to accommodate this they needed cheaper musicians, so the Glitter Band were therefore no longer required!

Although this meant that Roger and Brian were now not needed by the Glitter Band either, Gerry, Eddy, Pete and John weren't daunted, they carried on regardless, now able to fit in many more of their own gigs.  Later in the year though, John had to leave the band due to his own increasing commitments.

Gerry, Pete and Eddy started working in earnest on the Glitter Band’s live career, employing replacement bass players, including Cliff Richard and Bucks Fizz bass player, Steve Stroud. Later in the year, however, Eddy also left the band and Roger Saunders was subsequently brought in on guitar.  With the various line ups that followed, with Gerry and Pete as the mainstays, the Glitter Band continued to pull in plenty of gigs and tours in the UK and Europe. 

A number of Glitter Band hits CD’s were also starting to be released, although, in common with many other bands, the Glitter Band members never really benefited financially from them.  In 1989, Gerry and Pete were approached by Switchback Records to record a new version of 'Angel Face' which was released in June.  A number of fresh ideas were tried out for the track, however the final mix chosen for the single, produced by ‘Big’ George Webley (composer of the ‘Have I Got News For You’ theme song!), was a bit of a muddle.  There was a supposedly more dance-like drum sound, the guitar sound had been rather subdued, and a rather inadequate borrowing of ideas from the Shock recording of the song was added via a synthesiser.  It wasn't an appalling recording at all but it was a shame that more time couldn’t have been given to the production.  Consequently, the track was never heard on national radio.

brum3cd.jpgIn 1992 Pete was approached by Lawrence, formerly of the band Felt, to join him in a new band, Denim.  The band successfully fused a satirical glam rock style with synthesisers, and released their first album ‘Back In Denim’ and the single, ‘Middle Of The Road’.  Two further albums and singles followed before they disbanded.  Gerry was also featured in some videos that Denim made.  It was while playing for Denim that Pete met Bill Phillips and Pete asked Bill to join The Glitter Band.

John Springate who had been working heavily on Hi NRG dance music production, recorded a version of the song ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’, with singer Nikki French, in 1994. The track was released a second time in 1995 with the legendary Stock, Aitken and Waterman being involved and the single reached no 5 in the UK charts.

In 1996, Pete and Gerry were contacted by Alan Williams, lead singer of the Rubettes, to contribute some new songs to a Christmas album that was to be distributed by BMG.  Gerry and Pete promptly recorded and produced the classic ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ and two new compositions, ‘All Over The World’ and ‘Christmas Has All been Sold’, at Gerry’s house for the album.  ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ and ‘All Over The World’ were included on the CD which was duly released.

Also in 1996, Gerry and Pete were invited to take part in the very first identity parade on the brand new “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” TV comedy quiz show.

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