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In December 1997, the Glitter Band and John Springate were invited to appear as special guests in Gary’s ‘Last Night Out With The Boys’ Christmas Gangshow.  Brian Jones was also invited to play saxophone with the band.  The Glitter Band and John Springate truly shone during these concerts and the whole tour was a truly special event.  However, revelations about Gary’s private life were beginning to become known which would, undeservedly, start to become a stumbling block for the Glitter Band’s own career. 

gbandgary.jpgIn 2000, John Springate and Gerry Shephard decided to rekindle their successful song writing partnership and worked on writing a song for the Eurovision song contest.  A good number of songs were written and recorded together and Nikki French was brought in to spearhead their bid on their track ‘Don’t Play That Song Again’.  The song won the Song For Europe competition and Gerry and John’s song was more than adequately fronted by Nikki in the Eurovision itself.  However, the usual Eurovision tactical voting prevented the song from winning.  That said, Gerry, John and Nikki were immensely proud to have been able to represent the UK in the contest.

gerry.jpgIn 2001 Gerry and Pete’s paths diverged. Gerry had joined Tony Leonard in a band billed as ‘Tony Leonard’s New Glitter Band’. Pete continued to work as The Glitter Band.

Tragically, Gerry who had been battling with cancer for some time, passed away in May 2003. This was a massive shock to all Glitter Band fans, the sadness of which is still felt today. 

GlitterBandNew3a.jpgPete who had continued as the Glitter Band, dogged by the repercussions of Gary’s hatred from the press and the public, continued to secure gigs, many of which were in Germany and other territories.

In 2009, John Springate who had been living and performing in Spain for some years, decided to return to the Glitter Band and subsequently to the UK.  Eddy Spence also re-joined the band on keyboards and saxophone in 2009 the same year. 


The current Glitter Band line up of John Springate, Pete Phipps, Eddy Spence, and Dominic Rodgers have been striking out with an unashamed, accurate and powerful ‘Glitter’ presentation, reminding us of the value that the songs have for us and that the Glitter Band stand out as probably the  most creative and talented of the bands from the Glam rock era. With more live shows coming your way, and a new album being recorded, as we Glitter Band followers like to say…..”Rock On!”     

Special thanks to all Glitter Band members, and others, for their assistance over the years in compiling this history, which we have tried hard to make as accurate as possible. It’s still a work in progress so please check in for updates from time to time.

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